Animal Chiropractic

"Animal Chiropractic."  This word is misused by MANY and even the laws of the State of Texas cast confusion on the meaning of the word and just who may perform it.

ONLY licensed veterinarians may treat animals in the State of Texas, and vets may delegate certain treatment authority to others to perform.  Animal chiropractic is one of these treatments.

There is a wide range of "animal chiropractic."  There is an American Animal Chiropractic Veterinary Association that requires rigorous study, training and testing prior to being certified.  There are also a number of seminars and less rigorous classifications for treating animals.  I have training in treating animals and 30 years of experience in treating humans.  I am NOT an animal diagnostician, but I offer animal chiropractic treatment to those animals whose veterinarians authorize it.

Others call themselves "animal chiropractors" and have no formal training in either chiropractic or animal medicine.  I find the use of the regulated term "chiropractor" by such under-trained people an affront to the over 3000 hours, several national and state licensing tests, and yearly continuing education training that as a licensed professional I am required to take.  Just assuming a title does not make one qualifed to render health care. 

If you have an interest in chiropractic for your animal contact me and have your vet sign off on the animal chiropractic form

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