About us

The Brenham Chiropractic Clinic has served Washington County and the community of Brenham for many decades. 

Originally established in Brenham in the early 1970's by Dr. Henry Ford (no relation to the automaker),  Dr. Chris Dalrymple took over the practice when Dr. Ford retired, and has continued to administer the practice since 1985. Dr. Dalrymple (DAL-rim-pull) has been an actively practicing Chiropractic Doctor for 30 years. 

Says Dr. Dalrymple "My greatest satisfaction in chiropractic comes from the ability to help ailing people become healthier. My profession allows me to touch people's lives and frequently change them in a dramatic way forever." 

"One of my most satisfying results was a young lady who had such a severe case of asthma that she was disabled. When we initiated treatment, she literally could not walk the 10 yards from the parking lot to the treatment room at more than a shuffle. As we continued her chiropractic treatment, her medical doctor cut her medication in half and she was able to go and walk the malls and go shopping." 

"The team effort of her medical doctor and her chiropractic doctor was an effective combination for her condition.  She was able to function as a human being again!  It is amazing how well the body will function when it is allowed to function without excess inflammation, irritation, and interference.

"Another of my favorites was the young man who had for 3 years been told he had a bulging disc causing his lowback and leg pain.  He had endured drug therapy, injection therapy, physicial therapy, and was finally offered a $40,000 surgical therapy that 'had a 50/50 chance of helping his 2 mm disc bulge.'  After ONE treatment his sacroiliac joint dysfunction with mild sciatic nerve irritation from piriformis syndrome relieved so much of his discomfort he classified it a miracle.  This result, while extremely dramatic, is frequent with chiropractic care."

Dr. Dalrymple is active at the local, state, and national levels of his profession.  He served as the team chiropractor for the National Champion Blinn Track Team during their tenure as National Jr. College Track Champions, and has served team members of the Houston Budokan Kendo Team. 

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